Frequently Asked Questions

I am facing some technical issues and seeing missing data on the Dashboard, how do I get in touch with Wissee?

We are sorry that you are facing technical issues. Wissee is a newly released product and we are working hard to consistently improve your experience. If you encounter any error or problems, please send us an email right away at [email protected].

What are data sources on the Wissee Dashboard and Wissee?

The Wissee database extracts insights from millions of data points online, including 3billion social media posts on Reddit (#wallstreetbets), Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, as well as news, blogs, academic papers, Google trend and search data, etc. Every day, our system processes 10M tweets, 2M Reddit comments from over 9M retail investors, research analysts, key opinion leaders and experts. All these data points feed to the dashboard to build multi-dimensional perspectives to look at the trends and performance of stocks, companies, brands and products.

What is the Wissee Influence Index and how does it work?

The Wissee Influence Index (WII) is a dynamic matrix to measure stock/brand popularity online and influencers’ and retail investors’ impact on the company and stock performance. By analyzing the online activities of retail investors, influencers, the general public and competitors, WII paints you a comprehensive picture of the company online performance and market moving trends. It helps you better manage risks by sending real time alerts on abnormal activities online.

Powered by our proprietary algorithms, WII provides leading indicators for detecting emerging stock and industry trends as well as predicting company revenue changes.

The wide range of entities WII examines includes retail investors, online influencers (KOL), industry experts and specialists, company executives, and other key stakeholders that play critical roles in the market.

What is the Investor Confidence Score and how does it work?

The Wissee Investor Confidence Score is an indicator measuring specifically the retail investors sentiment and discussion on the stock. This analysis is rooted in the Wissee proprietary natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. It examines each post and comment from Reddit and Twitter on the stock, extracts a unit score to each post, aggregates the unit scores and integrate with the stock popularity (with specific metrics) and form a single Investor Confidence Score for the particular stock. The score is calculated based on analyzing the discussions on the stock on Reddit and Twitter. It is a weighted score on investors’ sentiment and the stock popularity among investors.

The score ranges from 0 to 100, where 100 being the most bullish and 0 the most bearish. The Neutral range is 30 to 60.

How often is the data on trending tickers and stock price updated?

They are collected and updated every day. We are working on real-time update but it will take some time as Wissee is working on launching various exciting projects to fit your investment needs.

What companies and tickers can I find on Wissee?

We monitor over 5,000 public companies, covering stocks on Nasdaq and NYSE. As we continues to improve, we will add more stocks into the database. However, for the companies that do not have discussion online, there is no data on the companies or stocks.

Are there any other products of Wissee I can check out?

In addition to the Dashboard, Wissee helps you monitor the real-time market moving signals and reduce investment risks by providing you with the most reliable and granular data analytics. Find below data highlights and coverage for your reference:

Data Highlights:

  • 300,000,000+ social media posts
  • 1,000,000+ influencers
  • 9,000,000+ retail investors
  • 5000+ companies (over 1,000 fashion, retail, and e-commerce companies)
  • Long history of data, from 2013 to 2021
  • Data Sources: Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram

Data Coverage List:

Retail Investors Trend

  • Investor Confidence Score on stocks
  • List of popular stocks (Stock popularity/heat) daily or at a frequency of choice
  • Momentum indicators such as engagement volume change
  • Correlation between Investor Confidence Score & Stock Price

Risk Detection

  • Stock popularity change by retail investors
  • Company/brand engagement volume change by influencers
  • Abnormal online activities detection

Company Analytics

  • Fundamental Impact on Company by Influencer
    1. Wissee Influence Index (WII) with brand popularity and influencers
    2. Influencer Impact Score
    3. Estimates on Company Revenue
    4. Peer Comparison

Meta Data

  • All online posts & comments on #wallstreetbets by stock, 2015-2021
  • Cleaned raw historic data by product/company/stock/influencer, 2013-2021